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About ClearValue Hearing (CVH)

Mission: To provide a unique program that utilizes advanced hearing aid technology from Starkey Hearing Technologies and ClearValue Hearing's nationwide network of hearing professionals.
- Dr. Kent L. Webb, AuD, ClearValue Hearing Founder

ClearValue Hearing was founded by Dr. Kent Webb, who passed away in September of 2011. Dr. Webb's vision was for ClearValue Hearing to become one of the nation's premier hearing benefit programs for organizations, insurance companies, manufacturing facilities and individuals with hearing concerns. ClearValue Hearing was implemented in 2005 and has been growing ever since.

Starkey Hearing Technologies, the largest U.S. manufacturer of hearing instruments, headquartered in Eden Prairie, Minnesota is partnered with ClearValue Hearing. The partnership brings consumer name recognition, superior product development and a professional business relationship with independent hearing healthcare professionals throughout the United States. Our Provider Network consists of 1500 offices nationwide, to meet the hearing needs of our members.

ClearValue Hearing and Starkey Hearing Technologies, together, are the foundation of the program. This partnership has allowed our benefit program to become one of the premier hearing aid programs in the United States.

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